Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Holiday Clean Up

After the dinner's done, the gifts have been opened and the guests have left for the evening, you turn around with a sigh, stare at what looks like the remnants of a tornado that has torn through your home.

Now comes the chore of post holiday clean up.
Here are some simple tips to help get things back in order and your life back on track.

  1. Use re-usable totes to store your Holiday decor so you can safely put away your decorations and easily find them again next year. I would choose clear totes so you can see what it in it. If you are ultra organized, you can print a list of what is in the tote and tape it to the inside wall (so the type is visible from the outside) or tape it to the top of the lid. This way you don't have to take the tote down and open it to see you've chosen the wrong one.
  2. After the tree comes down, wrap your lights around a piece of cardboard so they stay untangled and are ready for next year. Tape the replacement bulbs to the cardboard as well. You can also use this method for your garland and things of similar nature. 
  3. Use the things eggs come in for storing your ornaments. 
  4. Use a shop vac to suck up the needles and anything else that fell off the tree when you removed it. An upright may get clogged with the course, long needles and you will most likely come upon an ornament hook here and there that can cause damage to an upright. Once you get the majority of the needles up with your shop vac, use your upright to make sure you've got all the glitter and small leftovers.

I hope these tips help in getting your household cleaned up and ready for the new year. 
~Erica Jensen, President Clean Right Co.

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