Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's your time worth?

I'd like to talk about an economics term- 'Opportunity Costs'.
What this term relates to is the cost/loss are you suffering from choosing to do one thing over another with your time.

Let's relate this to cleaning...

For instance:
If I choose to clean my own home versus hiring a professional cleaning service to do it, what costs/losses are associated with the time I spend doing this?
I don't mean the cost of the cleaning supplies and equipment but rather, what am I not doing, that I could be doing, if I wasn't cleaning my home?

Now I know hiring a service to clean your home costs money but it costs you more than just dollars, it costs you time. So let's take a look at what we could be doing instead of cleaning and the potential costs/losses associated with it.

  1. I could be cleaning someone else's home, which actually makes me money! So if I clean my own home instead of working, I am losing those dollars. Example: Let's say it costs $90 to have my house cleaned and, while having my house cleaned, I clean someone else's house for $120. I just made a $30 profit and have a clean home too!
  2. I could be selling/marketing/blogging, which doesn't make me money but does increase my chance to gain clients so again, I am losing the opportunity to make money. Example: Again, it costs me $90 to have my house cleaned but I get 3 calls from the marketing campaign I worked on while my house was getting cleaned and I actually sell 1 of those clients for a $120 recurring cleaning service. 
  3. I could be spending time with my family. This doesn't make me money but it makes me, and my family happy!  
  4. I could be exercising! Oh shoot, I just found time to exercise!?!? And what's more important, a clean home or a clean bill of health? Example: It costs me $90 to have my house cleaned but I choose to do it myself thus not having the time to exercise. Not exercising leads to muscle loss which leads to a lower back issue which I have to go to the doctor for. The doctor send me to a specialist who needs to do some expensive procedure which costs me way more than that $90 maid service.
  5. I could be just plain ole relaxing! In this hectic life style we've created, taking time just to relax is a must for your sanity! 
It all boils down to what is your time worth? For me, it's worth much more than what I would pay to have my house cleaned and I'm sure you feel the same. You would be greatly surprised just how affordable a cleaning service for your home is especially after you factor in the Opportunity Cost associated with your time.

So I ask you, what is your time worth? 
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chill Out Dude! Your health depends on it....

We all know that leading a stressful life-style can have serious side effects, especially on our health. Researchers say that high levels of stress can lead to physical symptoms including headaches, upset stomach, trouble sleeping and an elevated heart rate & blood pressure which can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. It also weakens our immune systems which puts us at greater risk of getting ill. 

Many times, as well, when we get over stressed it becomes difficult to think clearly. It's best to try not to make rash decisions when you are over stressed about something. Instead, take some time to think things over -Sleep on it! When I'm working out and not thinking about all the little issues and incomplete tasks or even a major problem, I come up with great solutions and ideas to make things easier simply because the ability to not stress over them has allowed my brain to come up with the solution subconsciously~Sometimes our brains don't need our help.

It is more important now, than anytime in the past, that we take time to 'Chill-Out'! Trust me, I know it is very, very, very difficult to carve out enough time in the day for the things we 'have-to' do let alone the things we 'want-to' do but we must move our 'chill-out' time from the want-to list to need-to list. 

Perhaps you can combine this time with something else from one of your lists? I take an hour a day to work-out and I also consider this my 'chill-out' time. Most people would think that's crazy talk but, for me, when I work out I am not thinking of anything but what I'm doing at that specific moment. This is about the only time of day that I don't have 100 other things on my mind so it's definitely a 'Chill-Out' time for me. So not only am I getting the health benefit of staying fit, I'm also getting some time to 'chill-out' and relieving pent up tension and stress from the day. 

Here's another great idea! Hire a professional cleaning service to relieve the stress of of a dirty home from your shoulders. You'd be amazed at how relieving it is to come home to a clean house after a long-stressful day at work or just plane old life. I've had customers call and tell me that they were in tears when they came home to a fresh and clean home. Interested? Then give us a call at Clean Right Company for your FREE Estimate! (509) 534-3343 or go online to our website at for more information.

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