Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's your time worth?

I'd like to talk about an economics term- 'Opportunity Costs'.
What this term relates to is the cost/loss are you suffering from choosing to do one thing over another with your time.

Let's relate this to cleaning...

For instance:
If I choose to clean my own home versus hiring a professional cleaning service to do it, what costs/losses are associated with the time I spend doing this?
I don't mean the cost of the cleaning supplies and equipment but rather, what am I not doing, that I could be doing, if I wasn't cleaning my home?

Now I know hiring a service to clean your home costs money but it costs you more than just dollars, it costs you time. So let's take a look at what we could be doing instead of cleaning and the potential costs/losses associated with it.

  1. I could be cleaning someone else's home, which actually makes me money! So if I clean my own home instead of working, I am losing those dollars. Example: Let's say it costs $90 to have my house cleaned and, while having my house cleaned, I clean someone else's house for $120. I just made a $30 profit and have a clean home too!
  2. I could be selling/marketing/blogging, which doesn't make me money but does increase my chance to gain clients so again, I am losing the opportunity to make money. Example: Again, it costs me $90 to have my house cleaned but I get 3 calls from the marketing campaign I worked on while my house was getting cleaned and I actually sell 1 of those clients for a $120 recurring cleaning service. 
  3. I could be spending time with my family. This doesn't make me money but it makes me, and my family happy!  
  4. I could be exercising! Oh shoot, I just found time to exercise!?!? And what's more important, a clean home or a clean bill of health? Example: It costs me $90 to have my house cleaned but I choose to do it myself thus not having the time to exercise. Not exercising leads to muscle loss which leads to a lower back issue which I have to go to the doctor for. The doctor send me to a specialist who needs to do some expensive procedure which costs me way more than that $90 maid service.
  5. I could be just plain ole relaxing! In this hectic life style we've created, taking time just to relax is a must for your sanity! 
It all boils down to what is your time worth? For me, it's worth much more than what I would pay to have my house cleaned and I'm sure you feel the same. You would be greatly surprised just how affordable a cleaning service for your home is especially after you factor in the Opportunity Cost associated with your time.

So I ask you, what is your time worth? 
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