Thursday, July 17, 2014

My 21 day fix review

My husband and I have been physically active since the day we met. We work-out 6-7 days a week and we "try" to eat healthy. Lately I have been doing the '21-Day Fix' program and I'd have to say that I love it! Not only does it come with some great 30 minute workouts, it also has a simple nutrition program.

This is important for me because, in our early days of working out, we were both all about gaining muscle which equaled eating mass quantities of food -especially protein. That lead me down a path of overeating. So, although I have changed my workout routines to more cardio and lean muscle building/toning, I still eat like I'm trying to pack on the muscle. This has created a layer of fat that I have been trying to get rid of for years.

Now, I'm not over-weight mind you, but I have never had that "six-pack" and have not been able to rid myself of the dreaded hip-bulge. So this new program has helped me to realize what a healthy portion of each food group is and how many times a day I should be eating that food group. It's great because I am not starving myself but I am consistently losing the weight and seeing great results with less time exercising than I have done in the past (30 minutes vs 60-90 minutes).

I also sweat my tush off in the short 30 minute workout which, in the past, I would rarely sweat. My husband always harassed me that I didn't sweat. I told him "I'm a lady, I don't sweat I perspire". However this program has me dripping sweat. The reason: you get your heart rate up quick and keep it there for the entire 30 minutes (less warm up and cool down). There are "rest" periods but they are only 15-20 seconds so your heart rate doesn't get a chance to go down much before you're back in for another 60 second round. Autumn (the trainer) is very motivating and keeps you going through the whole workout, which is needed and appreciated.

I'm excited to see the end result (on day 15 of 21).