Friday, September 28, 2012

Don't look now but it's coming!

The leaves will soon be changing from green to the colors of Autumn and, along with the changing landscape, comes the dreaded flu season.  So how can you avoid getting the flu? I'm glad you asked. Here are some tips to avoid contracting this terrible phenomenon:

  1. Eat Healthy: Start by fueling your body with foods rich in vitamins and minerals and drink plenty of water. Colorful fruits and vegetables are jam packed with healthy nutrients our bodies need for healthy living.
  2. Wash/Sanitize you hands!: Not only after using the restroom but wash/sanitize them after handling things that many others have handled as well. Such as: shopping cart handles, the ATM, door handles to public areas, etc. 
  3. Avoid people who are sick: It may seem mean but the less contact you have with those who are ill, the less likely you are to catch it.
  4. Don't touch your face: Keep you hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth. 
  5. Get your rest: Your body needs sleep to re-energize and fight any invading germs.
  6. Exercise!: Yep, you read me right... get out there and exercise. Not only does Working out regularly helps build a strong immune system but getting a good sweat going helps your body release toxins through your sweat glands. 4
  7. Last but not least, get your flu shot!
I hope these tips help keep you healthy this Fall!

Erica Jensen ~President, Clean Right Company (509) 534-3343

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