Thursday, July 19, 2012

The way to a tidy home....

I have been asked many a time, over the years, what a home owner can do to get their home ready for cleaning service. A cleaning service is based on the time it takes to clean a home and having to stop to pick up before you can clean a surface is distracting and time consuming. Therefore I tell my clients that the more they can pick up and put things in their places, the better clean they will receive. Our company has a 'Pick Up Policy' which states that: our crews reserve the right to skip over or clean around areas that have not been picked up. To ensure a more thorough cleaning please be sure all areas that you want to have cleaned are free and clear so our crew may have free access to those areas.

That being said, I would like to give some advice on how to tidy up and organize the different rooms in a home in this, and my upcoming blogs.

Today's focus will be one of the more difficult rooms in a family's home:

The Kid's Rooms!!!

Children's rooms can be difficult to keep neat and tidy because of the large amount of content they usually have. Not only do our kid's rooms have the practical and necessary furnishings of any bedroom, but they also contain toys, games, art supplies, dress up attire, etc. Here is a great article on Easy-To-Clean Kid's Spaces that I thought would be helpful when deciding what to do in your kid's rooms. 

Islas butterfly photo girls bedroom

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