Friday, June 22, 2012

Did you smell that smell?

Smell is a very powerful sense. It invokes memories, emotions, cravings & behaviors. Our sense of smell is also 70%-75% responsible for the way things taste and impacts us 24 hours a day. We take 26,000 breathes a day and are able to distinguish over 10,000 different aromas. In the cleaning industry smell is a very important part of our job. The first experience a customer has when they walk in their home or office after a cleaning is the smell. 

Aromatherapy, the practice of using essential oils taken from plants, flowers, roots, seeds, etc., in healing,  is meant for psychological and physical well being. Though aromatherapy has been practiced for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians and the Vedic culture of India, where plant extracts and medicinal plants were widely used, there is much more scientific research being done for both fields today. ~serendip

Aromatherapy is being used to:

Promote relaxation and reduce stress
• Improve work performance
• Elevate mood and reduce depression
• Modify sleep and dreams
• Enhance self-image
• Retrieve memories
• Enhance sexuality
• Improve social relationships

What smells do you associate with clean?

Clean laundry is associated with a bright floral scent including a faint smell of bleach perhaps. Or maybe you enjoy a citrus-y scent or a slightly spicy smell. Whatever the scent, we associate clean with scents including bleach, lemon/citrus, lavender and pine. There is an ever growing market of cleaning agents with different fragrances to choose from so you can customize your aroma-therapeutic environment. 


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